ivija 360 Personnel development with 360° feedback
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I. Are Ivija360 degree feedback and Ivija360+ systems flexible and customisable?

Yes, you can vary competency models unlimitedly or set your own competency model up. System interface with the user can be setup depending on the clients needs by us or the project leader. We can adapt the system to unique specifications in a matter of days.

II. Are Ivija products secure?

All Ivija application websites are secured with SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remains private and integral.

III. Are 360 degree feedback and Ivija360+ processes confidential?

The data displayed in 360 degree feedback reports for all multiple rater categories e.g. direct reports, colleagues etc. is averaged and shown as one result thus making individual ratings anonymous. Generally only the Self and Manager ratings are obvious to the subject. There are built-in safeguards to prevent reports being generated without two or more raters in the appropriate categories. Only the subject, reviewer (manager) and selected central HR staff have password access to the Ivija360+ system. A subject may also choose to Share Ivija360+ with another colleague or senior manager to show them their results.

IV. Is the 360 degree feedback report easy to understand?

Our reports are presented in fluent narrative style and avoid complicated diagrams and graphs. Existing diagrams have clear descriptions and guidelines. This makes the reports easy to understand for ordinary people as well as HR consultants.

V. Do you provide 360 feedback competencies?

Yes, we can provide a competency model that you can adapt to your company needs by adding or removing different modules. We can also suggest our partners help in devising a custom competency model in Great Britain, Russia, Lithuania and Kazakhstan. If you are looking for a 360° feedback consultant, we can recommend our partners. If you are a 360° feedback consultant looking for a 360 feedback tool contact us.

VI. Are there any hidden costs?

No, you will have to pay only for generated reports. No installation fees or compulsory trainings.

VII. How long will it take before I can start conducting 360 feedback?

You can do it within 24 hours. You need to contact us, sign the agreement and start using our system.

VIII. I am already using 360 Degree Feedback. What additional benefits can Ivija360+ offer my organisation?

All benefits of Ivija360 are integrated into the Ivija360+ system. Users also have an opportunity to review previous year results, aims and plans of development, do interim reviews. You can also check the 360° and Ivija360+ systems comparison.

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