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“JIB” consulting group of companies

“JIB” consulting group of companies works in Kazakhstan HR service market since 1996. The company is one of the founders of recruitment business in our country. From 2004 we included in our product line Outstaffing and Training Center, in 2007 it was Assessment Center.

Our company is aimed to increase success and business productivity in Kazakhstan. We strive for helping people to reach their maximum efficiency, career development increasing success of their employers by providing qualitative HR services.

Our main clients are representatives of medium and big sized businesses. We are proud to provide our customers with high quality services.

Kazakhstan is the ninth biggest country in the world. Its territory lays between Russia and China. At present we are among CIS countries but in past we were part of the USSR. Our country has got a lot of natural resources (oil & gas, metals). Kazakhstan is a stable country with developing economy, and one of the attractive for foreign investment countries within CIS.

Website: http://www.jib.kz/

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