ivija 360 Personnel development with 360° feedback
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Ivija360 features overview

The most flexible 360° feedback system on the market today

  • Fully customizable narrative
  • Arbitrary 2 or 3 tier competency model

    questions can be shuffled or displayed in competency model order, with competency headings and descriptions or without.

  • Arbitrary rating scale
  • Configurable behaviour comment methods:
    • all behaviours
    • especially low or high ratings
  • Arbitrary rater categories
  • Unlimited amount of competency models

    Standard competency models are available. You will also be able to set up individual, highly bespoke ones for each client.

  • Possibility to choose your colors, logo and other

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Acknowledged and stood the test of time product

  • Available on the Internet since 1999
  • Being used in UK, Lithuania, USA, France, Germany, Singapore

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Especially user-friendly interface

  • Automatic process

    You will only need to choose competency model (or set up your own one), enter e-mails of respondents (and let the system send all the e-mails) and press 'generate' button.

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Support for many languages

  • Supports many languages and alphabets - Cyrillic, Lithuanian, Polish, Czech, French.

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Comfortable payment structure

  • No installation or usage fee. You have to pay only for generated reports, which means paying only when you have clients.
  • Our company can also customise the product to better suit your company needs for additional payment.

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Web architecture

  • No need to install any programmes to company's computers. It only requires a browser.
  • No need to follow updates - we do it for you.
  • No extra payment for buying and supporting servers.
  • 24/7 access to the system from any place in the world.

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Comparison of results

  • Possibility to import previous year data and compare it with the new results in order to track changes.

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  • SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)

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Solid looking and easy-to-read reports

  • The report data are presented in several clear aspects, which are easy to understand even for an ordinary user (not just a consultant). Get sample report.

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